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Chief of Muzikanty (PL) goes solo.

Improvised storytelling, simple sounds, a bucket of electronics and a bit of controlled chaos.

In a rather funny way, with crazy enthusiastic* audience involvement.

*) is there any other?

the show

“the bachelor”

show time: 50+ minutes
A cavalier, a beau, a bach, a single? One that hunts for love, at the same time desperately trying to save his sacred rituals. How lonely can you be, surrounded by beautiful women and handsome men – one at the time, until the next one, maybe two? How much do you have to sacrifice to cope with only one of them exclusively? Is it possible to love just one?
In a series of episodes, improvising with audience, creating scenography and soundtracks from thin air, Pjoter with his „Bachelor” goes through life of an in-a-way-inteligent, quite handsome and absolutely ill-prepared for a shared life Individual that yearns for this special connection that everybody else seems to have granted so easily.

You will be laughing, probably. You may be singing along. You could be dancing. Damn! You may ever kiss a total stranger during this show, but *hopefully* you won’t be sitting still…

…because the alternative is that you will be staring into deepest corners of your lonely soul. But where is fun in that?

photos: Joanna Rafalska, ULICA Street Theatre Festival Kraków, 2020

show dates


Slot Art Festival, Lubiąż, Poland

7th July

ULICA Festival, Kraków, Poland

9th July

ULICA Festival, Kraków, Poland

11th July

Slot Art Festival, Lubiąż, Poland

8th July

ULICA Festival, Kraków, Poland

10th July

festival Za dveřmi, Praha
(Czech Republic)

14th July

ULICZNICY Festival, Gliwice, Poland

1st August

ALE WIOCHA Festival, Lubiąż, Poland

20th August

Teatr Na Schodach, Racibórz, Poland

14th August


Tête-à-Tête Festival, Rastatt, Germany

10th June

Tête-à-Tête Festival, Rastatt, Germany

11th June *

Toruń, Poland

17th July *

Ulicznicy Festival, Gliwice, Poland

19th July *
* – COVID-19 cancellation

Ale Wiocha Festival, Lubiąż, Poland

22nd August

Tarnów, Poland

4th September

Kraków, Poland

6th September

Kraków, Poland

5th September
fot. tomasz ujma

the man

piotr chlipalski

performer, producer, photographer, moving pictures’ creator (video, animation, mapping); founder, organizer and artistic director of the International Street Artists’ Festival Ulicznicy; co-founder of Muzikanty. Author of manuals for creative industries.

Practician, creative one, performing on stage and street in various genres since late 90s.

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