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the show

„sin eater”

show time[:
act I – 4h
act II – 45+ minutes


5,6,7 July 2024
ULICA Festival, Kraków



In a little black caravan there is an always-listening microphone and an always whispering pair of headphones, filled with whispers of everybody before you.

As there are things we’d like to say, but somehow it’s not that easy, maybe there is nobody who would listen, or maybe we don’t know how… As there are things, we’d like to hear about — maybe somebody feels the same, goes through the same, maybe — thanks to that one story — the world will become an easier one to live in, because there is someone like you, somewhere… nearby?

Somebody who will finally listen, who really wants to know how are you… somebody who will finally tell how he/she feels… in whispers.

Sin Eater’s Act I is an occasion to tell the world your biggest secret, to share with a stranger your spontaneous reflection, to hear a little-big joy, to be gifted by a complete stranger with their little-big wisdom… like an open confession booth, where you can be at the both sides, at the same time.



An unconventional tale about death, afterlife and a maybe a little bit about Gods — both the well-known ones and those just slightly forgotten. Filled with audience improvisation and live (sic!) looped music.

As serious does not have to always be solemn, and solemn does not have to be sad all the time – inspired by the 18th century Sin Eaters, in mostly humorous, yet still a tiny bit esoteric way, this story will guide you through the various rites of the afterworlds, like no other.

Yes, there will be a coffin, but there probably will be also a little bottle of wine or a glass of something stronger, for the afterworld voyage. Yes, there will be laughter, but also some forgotten truths and tiny bits of wisdom. And whispers.

But above all, it will be an opportunity for a meeting in this impromptu community and a chance to sacrifice a crumb of sadness and longing for those who have departed.

photod: piotr chlipalski (self), krzysztof krzemiński (Ulicznicy 2022, funerabilis)
Rastatt 2022, fot. Julia Völlinger