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fot. robert siwek

do you remember
 the time before tablets,
phones, computers…

the time of  books
read before bedtime

a few fairy tales
under the pillow,
from vinyl records?

when mother’s voice, 
father’s, grandma’s – created
whole worlds. 

mythic, colorful, sometimes
even a little scary 

the time of giants, Thumbelinas, 
wandering tricksters 

and the returning
question: „what’s next?

fot. robert siwek

and what if we tried
to implant this fascination with stories in
the Little People?

fot. robert siwek

what if
we gathered
the magic stolen
from books
and presented it on stage…

focused, enchanted,
a bit crazy, created here and now,
enriched with theatrical mystery,
improvisation, and the emerging
sounds and melodies
created with their participation?

in the woven stories
on stage,
combining the benefits
of modern audiovisual technology
with the constructed Sound-o-Matic,

while at the same time
holding on
to the analog,
paper, rustling…


fot. robert siwek

the Little
(and the bigger!) People,
so they can co-create these stories and maybe
even change something
in them… l

fot. robert siwek

like old stories
by the campfire,
like grandma’s
squeaky rocking chair,
like reading
with excitement on your face,
by candlelight,
or maybe with a flashlight,
under a blanket,
the first stories…

let’s call it… reading 2.0 

accompanied by
improvised projections,
with perhaps
the only digital kamishibai,

with a bit of reading,
a lot of storytelling,
playing, singing,
and making
the strangest sounds.

Pjoter and his ever-changing
set of lamps, twisting a dozen
mysterious cables,
of the Sound-o-Matic

fot. robert siwek

kraków, 12.3.23
teatr kto

robert siwek

piotr chlipalski
+48 609 883 994