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Chief of Muzikanty (PL) goes solo.

Improvised storytelling, simple sounds, a bucket of electronics and a bit of controlled chaos.

In a rather funny way, with crazy enthusiastic* audience involvement.

*) is there any other?

fot. piotr.chlipalski / piotr.chlipalski

about love…

„the bachelor”

A cavalier, a beau, a bach, a single? One that hunts for love, at the same time desperately trying to save his sacred rituals. How lonely can you be, surrounded by beautiful women and handsome men – one at the time, until the next one, maybe two? How much do you have to sacrifice to cope with only one of them exclusively? Is it possible to love just one?

about death…

„Sin Eater”

An unconventional tale about death, afterlife and a bit about Gods — both the well-known ones and those slightly, just slightly forgotten. Filled with audience improvisation and live (sic!) looped music.

But above all, it’s an opportunity for a meeting in this impromptu community and a chance to offer a morsel of sadness and longing for those who have departed.

fot. piotr.chlipalski / piotr.chlipalski
fot. piotr.chlipalski / piotr.chlipalski

not only for the children

„Grimms’ Fairy Tales”

And what if we tried to implant this fascination with stories in the Little People? What if we gathered the magic stolen from books and presented it on stage… Focused, enchanted, a bit crazy, created here and now, enriched with theatrical mystery, improvisation, and the emerging sounds and melodies created with their participation?


ccompanied by improvised projections, with perhaps the only digital kamishibai, I recommend a bit of reading, a lot of storytelling, playing, singing, and making the strangest sounds. Pjoter and his ever-changing set of lamps, twisting a dozen mysterious cables, the Sound-o-Matic.

Rastatt 2022, fot. Julia Völlinger

where, when


Sin Eater (act I & II)

ULICA Festival, Kraków


Sin Eater (act I & II)

ULICA Festival, Kraków


Sin Eater (act I & II)

ULICA Festival, Kraków

fot. tomasz ujma

the man

piotr chlipalski

performer, producer, photographer, moving pictures’ creator (video, animation, mapping); founder, organizer and artistic director of the International Street Artists’ Festival Ulicznicy; co-founder of Muzikanty. Author of manuals for creative industries, translator of one book.

Practician, creative one, engaging in foolishness in various ways on stage and street since late 90s.

On stage and on the street, he , since the late 90s.

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