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„the bachelor”

show time: 50+ minutes
A cavalier, a beau, a bach, a single? One that hunts for love, at the same time desperately trying to save his sacred rituals. How lonely can you be, surrounded by beautiful women and handsome men – one at the time, until the next one, maybe two? How much do you have to sacrifice to cope with only one of them exclusively? Is it possible to love just one?
photos: : Krystian Minda, ULICA Street Theatre Festival Kraków, 2023 | Julia Völlinger, TÊTE-À-TÊTE Festival Rastatt, 2022 | Lenart Lukšič, RUDI POTEPUŠKI FESTIVAL, 2022 | Joanna Rafalska, ULICA Street Theatre Festival Kraków, 2020
Rastatt 2022, fot. Julia Völlinger
In a series of episodes, improvising with audience, creating scenography and soundtracks from thin air, Pjoter with his „Bachelor” goes through life of an in-a-way-inteligent, quite handsome and absolutely ill-prepared for a shared life Individual that yearns for this special connection that everybody else seems to have granted so easily.

You will be laughing, probably. You may be singing along. You could be dancing. Damn! You may ever kiss a total stranger during this show, but *hopefully* you won’t be sitting still…

…because the alternative is that you will be staring into deepest corners of your lonely soul. But where is fun in that?

fot. piotr.chlipalski / piotr.chlipalski

“The Bachelor” is a story driven by extraordinary emotions of a frustrated man who is floundering in a small space limited by a row of spectators. And emotions erupt! An extremely intelligent one-man show precisely tailored to the actor and his unlimited imagination. After an hour, his costume is wet with pain and steaming with tasteful wit.




Piotr Chlipalski spills his life-scarred guts to the audience with such energy and humor that it’s just simply impossible to resist! Theatrical ADHD in its purest form. Love and its lack, the search of happiness that cannot be achieved and everyday rituals. I immersed myself in this spectacle and emerged healthier.


Krzysztof Niedźwiedzki, KTO Theatre
Kraków, 11th July 2021